PS3 vs Wii vs Xbox360

I love video games! If I could do nothing but play video games all day long I would. If I could make a living in the game industry, I'd be happy. Maybe I will someday.

We have upon us, the beginning of a new age in gaming. Hi def, high price and highly anticipated are common phrases I hear today about game consoles and the games they run. But nothing is as high priced as the yet to be released Sony Playstation 3.

The PS3 is promising superior capabilities and the best possible graphics in console video gaming. They keep promising so much power, in spite of the fact that they've had numerous technical hangups and are losing popularity in the minds of gamers. (At least the gamers I see in western media.)

Nintendo, on the other hand, is not promising huge advancements in their technological capabilities. They are, however, promising huge advancements in the way we actually play games. It starts with their innovative controller and the bright idea to bring video gaming out of it's little niche.

Ok so the video gaming niche is not so little. It's HUGE! But the smart people at Nintendo want to open it up even further. They've been successful at that already with their Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. In my experience alone, I'm seeing people around me who I would have never thought would buy a portable gaming system, exercising their thumbs (and BRAINS), with their very own Nintendo DS.

Can Nintendo bring people together to play video games? Can they bring families together around their consoles? While Xbox is focusing on their LIVE network and letting people play together but be apart, is Nintendo doing something even better? Bringing people together for fun and participation? Maybe.

Which is better? Neither. I think there is plenty of room for both. Of course, there's always going to be a battle for market share and who's winning that right now? Well, Xbox I guess. They're the only ones who actually have a console on the market right now, so they own 100% of the next gen market share. Yay for Microsoft!

I think though, that when the Wii launches later this year it's going to be like NES all over agian. They brought us out of the stone age of Atari and Intellivision and they're going to do it again. Yes Xbox360 will do well, (I don't think Sony will), but while some people will want to play the Xbox, and some might want to own a PS3, EVERYONE will want a Nintendo Wii.

While we wait for it's release, let's pass the time with silly ad parodies.

Wii vs PS3