OMG I've Found the Tic Tac Girl!

Ok, before you call me a crazy stalker I'll just say, "I'm NOT!" You'll just have to take my word for it I guess.

Her name is Kate Kelton. She's the brunette in the Tic Tac commercials. She also has a growing list of film and television credits I wasn't even aware of and she is a talented artist.

I'm not exactly sure why I can't tear my eyes off the TV whenever her commercials are on. Maybe it's just her, maybe it's the amazing work of Bameau Wurstlin Philp Branding Inc., I don't know. I'm not the only one though. There's a bit of a buz on the interweb about her.

To parody the ad: It's not because she looks great. It's not because her energy pops right off the screen. It's because of both, that she's amazing.

Check out her site to see the ads and her artwork and some other stuff.

And remember, it's not just a mint, it's a tic tac.