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sleepingmonk is Dead. Long live sleepingmonk., as it was conceived, is no longer. The founders have become too busy being internet millionaires. When the founders have the spare time they will dream up the next incarnation of and hopefully do some good in the world.

Until then, if you took the time to visit this site, THANKS! We won't lie to ya, there won't be any new posts for a LONG time.

sleepingmonk 3.0 Preview!

I'm excited to update the site design for in preparation for the metamorphosis so Version 3.0.

The new version will begin to take steps towards my original vision of what could be. I can't say much about it yet but the near future will bring new unique content, tools and interaction, combined with the inovative use of web technology to create something valuable to you.

To stay informed of our progress, please bookmark the site and/or subscirbe to the Site News! feed. Look for the feed icon at the bottom of the page, or in the address bar of your Fire Fox web browser.  continue reading... »

You know it's a blog when...

Ok, it's been a while since the last post. I could say sorry but one of my favorite pieces of advice is, "Don't say sorry, just do better!"

Well, it's been a busy summer. Lots of fun things, and lots of thinking got done. Some of that thinking lead me towards the next incarnation of

Sure, right now it's kinda snazzy and I enjoy doing what I do here, but when I first came up with I had a feeling about what it should be and that feeling began to form thoughts and now those thoughts are starting to come together into something.

Currently isn't much more than a blog and only offers my rants, blurbs, opinions, occasional reviews and sometimes help with your web projects. Soon it will do MUCH more and will join the ranks of the < a href = "" target = "_blank" >"Web 2.0" set and hopefully grow into something really useful to my fellow man.  continue reading... »