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sleepingmonk is Dead. Long live sleepingmonk., as it was conceived, is no longer. The founders have become too busy being internet millionaires. When the founders have the spare time they will dream up the next incarnation of and hopefully do some good in the world.

Until then, if you took the time to visit this site, THANKS! We won't lie to ya, there won't be any new posts for a LONG time.

Zeitgeist II

Best Magic Trick EVER!

Check out this dudes site for more fun stuff.


I watched this documentary today. It starts off very interesting to me. Then a lot of it seemed like conspiracy stuff I'd heard before but the whole picture it reveals makes a clear path apparent.

Does it depict the fate of humanity? I don't know. The future is unwritten. Is everything that it reveals true? I guess you'll have to decide that for yourself. That's kind of the point actually. Open your eyes and see the evidence and exercise your power. Your power of choice. Or be lazy. It's our future, our world. Pay attention!

Now share it with people. Talk about things.

Visit the official website:

Watch it on Google video

Download the torrent from

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Severn Suzuki 1992

(thanks for the link Larry)

When voices like this speak up they are heard. What about thousands? What about yours?

"We are what we do, not what we say..."

This was in '92 and still not enough has changed. What can we do about it? Find out at