Tech. vs. Culture

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Pimp My Linux!

See the Novell XGL desktop demos here!

"Today on Pimp My Linux we're going to take this old, slightly dusty perfectly efficient linunx desktop environment and turbocharge it! We're goin to make it a memory hogging, video chip burning bad ass piece of software!"

Operating systems like Mac OSX have quite a lot of  continue reading... »

Get Off the Planet or Die!

"The story of the twentieth century was finding out just how big and powerful we were. And it turns out we're big and powerful as all get out. The story of the twenty-first century is going to be finding out if we can figure out ways to get smaller or not. To see if we can summon the will, and then the way, to make ourselves somewhat smaller, and try to fit back into this planet."
--Bill McKibben

On June 13, 2006, Stephen Hawking spoke in Hong Kong saying we could have a colony on  continue reading... »

R U Receiving Me?

I've got an interesting relationship with my father. He told me recently that if it wasn't for email, we probably wouldn't have much of a relationship at all. He's probably right. We've recenly begun Instant Messaging, which is a very different thing. So what stands out to me is the fundamental differences between the way we communicate in three different mediums; email, IM, and f2f (face to face :-).

While we're very different people, we do share a few very similar interests and they seem to be the seed from which we've grown. One thing we have in common is  continue reading... »

What the Bleep do we know?

Did you know, what you think affects the world around you? Ok, that may be obvious from the point of behaviour; what you think causes you to behave in a certain way, which affects the world around you. But have you considered the possibility that  continue reading... »