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Meet Joe Khan

joe khan eggimals and sleepingmonkJoe Khan on the left, yours truly on the right.

Joe Khan is a very interesting character and, I'll say it up front, a friend of mine.

He spends his days working in a Magic Shop on Granville Island in Vancouver British Columba, where he entertains kids, tourists and friends who drop by to see him.

In his off time, aside from practicing his impressive magical skills, he likes to free his mind into a beautiful world of peace, balance, and cute little creatures he calls 'Eggimals'.

To date, he has self published 4 books about his detailed little world for you and your children to enjoy and learn from.

From the books website:
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Power and Greed

power and greed @

This book is an interesting look at history, focusing on the most powerful rulers of the planet and how these historical figures  continue reading... »

What the Bleep do we know?

Did you know, what you think affects the world around you? Ok, that may be obvious from the point of behaviour; what you think causes you to behave in a certain way, which affects the world around you. But have you considered the possibility that  continue reading... »