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Fergie vs Alanis = OMG!!!

I thought this was going to be another stupid mashup of a pop song over footage from a different video. To my pleasant surprise it was actually Alanis Morissette covering the Fergie song My Humps!

What can I say? In a culture of  continue reading... »

What's In YOUR Pocket?

A guy I kinda know who's a pretty good friend of a real good friend of mine is doing something crazy!

don't see the vid above? try here.

His name is Greg and he and his friend Dan began a journey that will be fraught with danger. Maybe not 'fraught' and maybe not danger exactly, but certainly, uncertainty.

They've decided to travel across Europe without the aid of money, relying only on charm and good looks.... Well charm anyway.

In all seriousness, it's the sort of thing that makes me very, very jealous. It promises to be a humorous and entertaining peek into the diverse beauty of the human spirit, culture and intestinal fortitude. A social experiment that relies heavily on the belief that people are kind and want to share a  continue reading... »

Juggling in Curved Einsteinian Space?

This immediatly reminded me of Einstein's illustration of curved space, with the marble. That was the first thing I thought.

The second thing I thought of was Michael Moschen ( He's the inventor of "contact juggling", and David Bowie's hands in the movie Labrinth. Well, just the contact juggling scenes.  continue reading... »

Woah! Amazing Chi Powa!

I had to share this video from Sensei Productions. Awesome style and concept, fun to watch and definately inspired me!

From from the short film Balancing Point

You gotta love YouTube!

Meet Joe Khan

joe khan eggimals and sleepingmonkJoe Khan on the left, yours truly on the right.

Joe Khan is a very interesting character and, I'll say it up front, a friend of mine.

He spends his days working in a Magic Shop on Granville Island in Vancouver British Columba, where he entertains kids, tourists and friends who drop by to see him.

In his off time, aside from practicing his impressive magical skills, he likes to free his mind into a beautiful world of peace, balance, and cute little creatures he calls 'Eggimals'.

To date, he has self published 4 books about his detailed little world for you and your children to enjoy and learn from.

From the books website:
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