A Little Sketchy

Once upon a time there was a young, devilishly good looking, junior high school student. He spent most of his class time daydreaming and scribbling little doodles in his books. All the while the rest of the class was held in rapt attention by the teacher, droning on and on about some sort of nonsense, day after day, after day...

One day this student glanced over one row and back three desks to discover, to his astonishment, another student, not so handsome as himself, also doodling something in a notebook. "What was it?", he wondered. More importantly, was it better than his own?

The minutes to dismissal crept slowly by and anticipation built! At last the bell rang and the moment was upon them. He stood and turned, and as casually as possible, strolled over to the other boys desk. He saw the notebook graffiti, and it was good.

"What's up Grzela?", he said.

"Hey man.", was the reply.

"Nice work!" the young man said.

Grzela said, "Thanks."


So began my personal mission to learn all the secret techniques of this creative individual. Many years, countless sessions of Dungeons and Dragons and Marvel RPGs, video games, comic books, various martial arts, and a summer romance with his cousin, have made me the artist I am today.

Some may argue that I'm still a crappy artist, but Richard Grzela can't be blamed for that. I should have practiced more. Now, out of the kindness of his very large and generous heart, or perhapst some other part of his anatomy, (except his spleen), he has offered forth a colletion of inspiration.

Sketch, The Secret Art is a collection of sketches from the personal sketch books of my good friend Richard Grzela [Grez-la]. He describes it as a resource for un-sticking your stuck creative brain or a spiffy coffee table book. (Ok, I added the adjective, 'spiffy'.)

I can tell you Mr. Grzela has a very distinctive style, honed over years of planting his arse in front of the drawing board and working as... well... whatever talented artsy types do. Hanging around with him kept me doodling and creating and filling sketch books of my own.

I'm happy to see that he is finding time out of his busy schedule to put together his own projects!

If you need inspiration, if you're learning how to draw, or if you just plain appreciate unique art and want a conversation piece...

Check out Sketch - The Secret Art, and the rest of Richard's published materials at:
Visit his blog at: psikik.blogspot.com