About me

The following is something I wrote in the 'About Me' section on my MySpace account. Figured I might as well use it to launch the Poetry section of my site...

I walk between two worlds, seen and unseen.
Blissful, chaotic wandering through a waking dream.
Poet, fighter, friend, unlikley enemy,
Awakening my consciousness to what we can truly be.

-Calvin Tyndall


I want one! Or maybe I'll build something like it.

N.D. vs. Bill Gates

Ok this is something to blog about. While I wasn't a big fan of ND, I love to see Bill do comedy! :D

What the Bleep do we know?

Did you know, what you think affects the world around you? Ok, that may be obvious from the point of behaviour; what you think causes you to behave in a certain way, which affects the world around you. But have you considered the possibility that  continue reading... »