Bacteria Is Your Friend

There are a ton of reasons why bacteria is your friend. Here's one:

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The thing I'm curious about is why is this just becoming news now? This is clearly the way all things work in the world. The big bulky systems that we can see, (i.e. humans, forests, the earth!!) are sustained, cultivated and protected by the tiny things that we don't usually see, (i.e. insects and bacteria).

I've understood this concept since I was a child, I assumed the adults of the previous generations would understand this as well. However, the evidence proves otherwise when we look at modern industrial farming methods with mono-culture crops, and the rapid expansion of human occupied territory at the expense of indigenous species, etc.

Of course if you look at it another way, all species in nature multiply until their ecosystem can't support them and then they die of starvation or predation. People think they're on the top of the food chain, not realizing that invisible predators are thriving and trying to thin our numbers. Viruses and parasites close the chain so there is no top, only cycles.

The scary thing is, we're capable of changing our environment so much so fast, it will be all too easy to wipe ourselves out with such naive intelligence. Ending our existence and leaving the earth to balance itself with lifeforms that have no egos.