LOL ur n00b!

The title says it all! What more do I have to say?

Ok maybe I'll add my 2 cents....

1337 (that's 'leet' meaning elite for you n00bs (that's noobs meaning newbies)), is SOOOOOOO old. This "newscast" had me ROFLMAO (I'll let you figure that one out yourself).

Who was the genius that came up with this story? And what, exactly, are they trying to do with this "scare tactic"? As if it's going to make parents pay any more attention to their kids. It doesn't matter what era you're from, parents have always had a hard time understanding WTF (that should be an easy one), their teens are talking about.

And what do they find so threatening about it anyway. I don't find the phrase, "i tolly like pwned this n00b in CS cuz he's always camping" particularly frightening. And I think that would be considered in the high end of graphic language as far as 1337 is concerned. Maybe add 'frag' in there for something more 'explicit'.

Compare that to "I busted a cap in dat foo's dome fo' jockin ma hoe!"

I'll translate the two just so I can sound like a dumb ass!

First phrase: "I tolly pwned this n00b in CS cuz he's always camping."
Translation: "I dominated (or took out) a player's character in the multiplayer videogame Counter Strike because he likes to ambush unsuspecting players as they enter his area of cover (ie. a sniper)."

Second phrase: "I busted a cap in dat foo's dome fo' jockin ma hoe!"
Translation: "I shot a man in the head for messing around with my girlfriend. (or possibly an acutal 'hoe')".

The second phrase scares me more when I think of the influence of sub-cultures on society. And believe me, if your kid is speaking 1337, he's probably getting an A in some sort of science or mathematics class and will become some sort of engineer. Or at the very least may have a future in Video Game Quality Assurance.

With the other lingo, he's either one of two things, a straight up gangsta, or he's a wanksta! (wannabe gangsta). The former may have a career in rap music, or be a 'successful' street hustler, the later might work for minimum wage at footlocker.

Anyway, both lingos have been around long enough be get old... get parodied... and fade into the white noise of pop culture.

So don't sweat it, squares!


Jive Turkey