Juggling in Curved Einsteinian Space?

This immediatly reminded me of Einstein's illustration of curved space, with the marble. That was the first thing I thought.

The second thing I thought of was Michael Moschen (michaelmoschen.com). He's the inventor of "contact juggling", and David Bowie's hands in the movie Labrinth. Well, just the contact juggling scenes.

The third thing I did was get hypnotized by the colorful juggling balls as they orbited this innovative juggler Greg Kennedy, like technicolor electrons swarming around a darkly clad perfromance artist nucleus.

I've never seen juggling done this way before, and I've seen a lot of juggling!

I SO want one! And not just the giant cone, but the juggler and everything! I think it would make a great conversation piece in my livingroom.

Check out more of Greg Kennedy at innovativejuggler.com.

This is not an endorsement, I just found this on YouTube.