What the Bleep do we know?

Did you know, what you think affects the world around you? Ok, that may be obvious from the point of behaviour; what you think causes you to behave in a certain way, which affects the world around you. But have you considered the possibility that the very act of thinking affects the very fabric of what we call "reality"?

This is an idea I have been interested in and studying for years. This film makes it easy to grasp seemingly radical ideas that are all based in the latest scientific understanding of quantum physics and our role in the universe.

There's an interesting narrative weaved together with expert comentary from a list of PhDs in Physics, Psychology and others, and Gurus of human consciousness.

If you want to widen your view of what's possible, or just confirm what you already felt you knew on some level, click the link to buy this DVD. You might get more out of it with repeated viewing.