A Little Lite Cooking (nintendo style)

I spent the last two weeks with my cousin and his Nintendo DS Lite, it's SWEET. I managed to finish the New Super Mario Bros., much to his displeasure as it was his new game and he hadn't had time to finish it himself yet.

I'd really like to buy my own in the near future. I excited about the way Nintendo is changing what you can do with a gaming device. Especially the Nintendo DS. If it's any indication of what they'll do with their console, I can't wait for the Wii.

As for convincing... er... "myself", if I should purchase such a black hole of time consumption.... well, I don't want my brain to get flabby and old so Brain Age is a great way to flex my mental muscle, rather than just fine tuning my thumb twitching.

Then there's the Opera Browser and WiFi capability which, for me is beyond my wildest dreams being the web nerd that I am.

Now I find THIS!

I'm often told I should learn to cook. If this comes out in North America in English with some good recipies, I don't think I'll be able to resist any longer.

The Nintendo DS Lite will be MINE!!