PS3 vs Wii vs Xbox360

I love video games! If I could do nothing but play video games all day long I would. If I could make a living in the game industry, I'd be happy. Maybe I will someday.

We have upon us, the beginning of a new age in gaming. Hi def, high price and highly anticipated are common phrases I hear today about game consoles and the games they run. But nothing is as high priced as the yet to be released Sony Playstation 3.

The PS3 is promising superior capabilities and the best possible graphics in console video gaming. They keep promising so much power, in spite of the fact that they've had numerous technical hangups and are losing popularity in the minds of gamers. (At least the gamers I see in western media.)  continue reading... »

A Little Sketchy

Once upon a time there was a young, devilishly good looking, junior high school student. He spent most of his class time daydreaming and scribbling little doodles in his books. All the while the rest of the class was held in rapt attention by the teacher, droning on and on about some sort of nonsense, day after day, after day...

One day this student glanced over one row and back three desks to discover, to his astonishment, another student, not so handsome as himself, also doodling something in a notebook. "What was it?", he wondered. More importantly, was it better than his own?

The minutes to dismissal crept slowly by and anticipation built! At last the bell rang and the moment was upon them. He stood and turned,  continue reading... »

A Little Lite Cooking (nintendo style)

I spent the last two weeks with my cousin and his Nintendo DS Lite, it's SWEET. I managed to finish the New Super Mario Bros., much to his displeasure as it was his new game and he hadn't had time to finish it himself yet.

I'd really like to buy my own in the near future. I excited about the way Nintendo is changing what you can do with a gaming device. Especially the Nintendo DS. If it's any indication of what they'll do with their console, I can't wait for  continue reading... »

Pimp My Linux!

See the Novell XGL desktop demos here!

"Today on Pimp My Linux we're going to take this old, slightly dusty perfectly efficient linunx desktop environment and turbocharge it! We're goin to make it a memory hogging, video chip burning bad ass piece of software!"

Operating systems like Mac OSX have quite a lot of  continue reading... »

Get Off the Planet or Die!

"The story of the twentieth century was finding out just how big and powerful we were. And it turns out we're big and powerful as all get out. The story of the twenty-first century is going to be finding out if we can figure out ways to get smaller or not. To see if we can summon the will, and then the way, to make ourselves somewhat smaller, and try to fit back into this planet."
--Bill McKibben

On June 13, 2006, Stephen Hawking spoke in Hong Kong saying we could have a colony on  continue reading... »